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Jimi Hendrix Guitar

Facts about the Jimi Hendrix VooDoo Stratocaster Guitar

Jimi Hendrix played a right-handed guitar strung in reverse. This paper model is based of the Fender "Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Stratocaster" which was a special edition put out by Fender two years ago. The "VooDoo" was an Olympic white left-handed strat strung so that right handed guitarists could get the whole upsidedown thing. Apparently true Jimi enthusiasts could'nt get his "original" sound in a right handed guitar because the bridge pickup is slanted the wrongway, therefore giving different sonorities on the back pickup. Personally I think they are all playing with themselves because, lets face it you need Jimi's hands, mind and soul to get the "Jimi" sound. (From Kurt Bryant)

This model was originally made as a tru 3-D model. But some of the pieces were so small that you had to use tweezers and quick drying glue to put it together. So I settled on this version which gives the model a solid feel and an acceptable 3-D appearance and heft.

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